About Us


Earth – Bread + Brewery is our name. Actually, Earth is our name; Bread + Brewery is what we do. Bread = delicious, wood-fired flatbread pizza, baked in our hand-built brick oven. Brewery = craft-made beer (what else?), brewed in-house, in small batches and ever changing.

Born on October 9th, 2008, Earth embraces the tenets of sustainability and treading lightly as we provide a comfortable space where our guest can relax and enjoy wholesome food and drink.

We compost all our organics, recycle like it’s the law (it is BTW) and buy all the local provisions possible. We use only restored bran and wholesome wheat flour in our dough. We make our own microbrewed kombucha in addition to our beer. We are strongly committed to the continuing development of our wonderful neighborhood and the support of our diverse local businesses.