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We exclusively use local, natural spelt flour from Small Valley Milling in the production of our dough. They are located in Halifax, Pennsylvania. We make fresh dough daily and ferment it cool and slow to enhance its flavor and texture. It's hand stretched and baked to order in our hand-built wood-fired oven. Groups should keep in mind that breads are made one at a time and brought to the table as they are finished. A large bread is generally enough for two. The fresh mozzarella we serve is made daily in-house!

Updated 2/24/2014

Traditional - House-made tomato sauce, roasted onion, fresh mozz, garlic olive oil and basil - topped with fresh greens, dressed with tomato vinagrette. sm $7 / lg $12

Sausage - Tomato sauce, portabello, button and shitake mushrooms, spicy turkey sausage, roasted onions and fresh mozz. sm $10 / lg $18

"Joe" - House-made tomato sauce and mozz (just like a pizza). sm $7 / lg $12

Seed - Roasted garlic, pine nuts, pumpkin + sesame seeds and mozz and red pepper flakes. sm $8 / lg $14

Pesto - Purple basil pesto, sliced tomatoes, pine nuts and fresh mozz. Finished with fresh basil and balsamic reduction. sm $9 / lg $16

Winter Ratatouille - Tomato sauce, roasted onion, eggplant, diced potato, kale, tomato, shredded mozz, grana padano, fresh basil, thyme, parsley. sm $10 / lg $18

MEATatarian - Tomato sauce, spicy turkey sausage, blackened chicken, pepperoni, bacon, asiago and mozz. sm $12 / lg $22

Veggie Verde - Green bell pepper sauce, peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts, kale, jack cheese, and goat cheese. sm $10 / lg $18

White+Black - Roasted garlic sauce, crispy bacon, figs, asiago, parm and arugula. sm $10 / lg $18

Chicken Korma - Korma sauce, cashews, potatoes, peas, chicken, paneer and spinach. sm $10 / lg $18

Sweetie Pie - Ricotta cream cheese base, apples, cinnamon and sugar. Finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. sm $7 / lg $12


Add $1 (small) $2 (large) for: roasted onion, mixed mushrooms, seeds, spinach, fresh greens, sliced tomatoes, peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts, kale, potatoes, eggplant, jalapenos.

Add $2 (sm) / $4 (lg) for: local blackened chicken, spicy turkey sausage, pepperoni, bacon, figs.

Special - Ask your server about today's special bread.

Other Goodies

House Salad - Mixed greens with dried cranberries, candied pecans, goat cheese, onions + fruit. $6

Caesar Salad - Traditional caesar with croutons and parmesan. $6

Wheatberry Salad - mixed with a fine dice of apple, carrot, celery, onion and garlic, dressed with a citrus vinagrette and topped with baby arugula. $6

Edamame - Seasoned with lime, salt + red pepper flakes. $5

Cheese Plate - Artisan cheeses (local when available). $10

Hummus Sampler - Served with bread and crudite. $8

Dip of the day - Served with homemade bread. $8

Child's Appetizer - Fruit/veggies with peanut butter $3.50

Housemade mini sweets (3-4oz servings) - ask what's fresh today. $4

Chilly Philly Ice Cream (Mt. Airy's own) $2/$3.50

House Made Ice Cream (ask for the flavor of the day) $2/$3.50

NOTE::There will be a $10 service fee for desserts that are brought in from the outside.


Served Noon - 5 on Saturday and Sunday

In addition to our regular menu, we have the following offerings::

Mimosa or Pointsettia $5

Greek Yogurt Parfait - All natural Greek yogurt, local honey and house-made granola. $6

House-made Quiche - Goat cheese, roasted red pepper, spinach, free range brown eggs, cream. Served with a mixed greens salad with balsamic dressing. $8

Breakfast Flatbread - Tomato cream cheese base, eggs (scrambled or sunny-side-up), cheddar cheese and bacon. Topped with scallions. $10/$18

Salmon Flatbread - House-cured salmon, raw red onion, thinly sliced watermelon radish, capers, sour cream, arugula and sesame seeds placed on a flatbread with a cream cheese base. $12/$22

Corned Beef Hash Flatbread - Cream cheese tomato base, corned beef, potatoes, roasted onions and a fried egg. Finished with fresh parsley and thyme. $10/$18


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